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VPS succesfully installed Empty VPS succesfully installed

Post by Alex on Tue Jun 14, 2016 8:11 pm

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Dear community,

The server is being upgraded as we speak. I will try to keep you guys as up-to-date as possible.
We considered modifying the hardware of the server, but since we need the server asap we chose to just upgrade the specs. The specs will be posted once the VPS is running.

We thank you all for your patience,

Coder Alex & Owner FatalSalmon

Dear community,

We're happy to announce that our brand-new VPS has succesfully been installed. For the people who don't know what this is: This means no more lagg, stable connection, flawless PK'ing etc.
This is really a big step in the right direction for our server, and it makes me really proud to see that our player-base is growing and growing. I know our server is still in Alpha, and there are many bugs/glitches and stuff missing, but I promise you guys, I will be updating way more often now that the server files are accessible for me, the coder.

At this moment, our server still needs to be trasferred. This will probably take about 3 minutes if we haven't got any downfalls. This transfer is currently planned on 15-06 00:30 AM GMT+2.

Bare with us,

Coder Alex & Owner FatalSalmon


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