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Keep Glowing dagger in LP shop

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New Shop: Level Point store [Update] Empty New Shop: Level Point store [Update]

Post by Alex on Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:18 pm

Dear community,

Recently we've had a few in-game updates, which include the new LP shop! At this point it's possible to buy these items:
New Shop: Level Point store [Update] Lpstor10


Firecape: 1500 LP
Ring of Wealth: 3000 LP
Gilded Platebody: 1300 LP
Gilded Platelegs: 1100 LP
Gilded Plateskirt: 1000 LP
Gilded Fullhelm: 1000 LP
Gilded Kiteshield: 600 LP
Fighter Torso: 1700 LP
Magic Box: 3000 LP

Magic Box

So, as you currently may have noticed, there is an unknown item in the LP shop! You may have various questions about this unknown object, but I'm here to explain it to you guys!

This Magic Box is a new concept to add more in-game content. We're planning to change the rewards every week, so that we keep the items as variated as possible. The first week, the Magic Box contains a Glowing Dagger.
Here are some stats of the dagger:
New Shop: Level Point store [Update] Glowin10

The dagger comes with a custom-made Special Attack, which will cost you 25% of the Special Bar.

What next?

Now you may ask, what's going to happen with the item inside of the Magic Box, when the reward of the Magic Box will be changed? We will keep a poll running, which is: Keep Glowing Dagger in the shop.

If most of the votes recieve a yes, the item will permanently be added to the LP store. Keep in mind, there is a maximum of items in one shop, so when it's full, it's full!

I hope you all have a great day,




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