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Post by Ye Olde JJ on Tue Jun 21, 2016 6:36 am

(re number in cache, not sure if added in itemdef) Re number 2304.dat, messes up air altar
Model issues Air_al10

(re number in cache, not sure if added in itemdef) Re number 2306.dat, messes up death altar
Model issues Death_10

(re number in cache, shouldnt be needed in itemdef) Re number 1808.dat, messes with feet of the king at home
Model issues Kings_10

Ye Olde JJ wrote:Working on finding out the model that is messing with dharoks, i will post it when or if i figure it out.

FIX : Go to your c drive, go to LucraPKCache , go to the raw folder, remove 6702.dat
(re number in cache and itemdef) Re number 6702.dat, took another look and it is used as the model for the whip vine, the item used on abby whip, that way the model can stay in the game.
Chaps07 wrote:Model issues CrSO0fg

Just a minimal Glitch needs to be fixed, Considering they're a vote reward!

Thanks, Chaps07
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