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Welcome to Alpha mode! Empty Welcome to Alpha mode!

Post by Alex on Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:31 pm

Dear community,

It's nice to see you here, because you may be lucky. As you may have seen in the news title, TR is currently still in Alpha. But how is it that the server is Online? Well, thats pretty simple. We have chose for a open-Alpha, accessible for people all over the world! There may be some downsides to the Alpha version, think about incomplete minigames, missing spells, half-done skills. BUT! There's also a upside for being in the Alpha. Think of, the most dedicated players. The best of the best. Their idea's implemented in the server, custom made gameplay, NPC's & Items... Supported by the community!

The suggestions can be posted in our Suggestion Topic.
Ofcourse, good suggestions get a reward. We thank you for thinking with us,


Alex & FatalSalmon


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