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Post by Alex on Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:20 pm

Dear community,

We're happy to announce you that our VPS is ready to go. We have got enough hardware to run the server smoothly and lagg-free.

Why did we choose for a new server?
I've tried to run a backup of the current server, and I was experiencing some troubles
with TorvaDev Alpha on the VPS. After I did a couple of fixes, everything said it worked perfectly. I also did a couple of tests to see
if the ports were accessible from a external port. And it again, said they were.
The next step I took, was to dig up my old personal server, and run this on the VPS to see if this server also had all of these troubles.

This time, the server was indeed able to run succesful, and is reachable from external computers. This proves that the problem is laying
somewhere deep in the server files. So we chose to run the new server, TorvaDev Beta.

So we came up with plan B: TorvaRev Beta.

Me and Mod Chaps07 have been running around in my personal server, and we both agree that there's also allot of potential in this server.
It has more bugfixes, and a steadier server. As you may have noticed, the server has now been released and people have started to skill,
make the economy rise & having fun.

Further questions can be placed underneath this topic,

Kindest regards,

TorvaRev Staff


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