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x's suggestions

Post by x on Sun Jul 03, 2016 5:58 pm

Soulwars for group PvP and shop system
Clanwars for solo and group PvP without the loss of gear
Weekly events
Monthy events
Annual events
Auto attack mobs *weak fodder like rockcrabs*
Perks - for example PvP perks. ^Get 20 kills for Vengeance cooldown -2 seconds
Loyalty perks and shop
Loyalty titles
Lottary man
ReactTrivia needs better rewards
Clan system - a name infront of your username stating your clan, for example *Ggx-X*
Custom armourDolls to train PvP on *Infinite healh* and they damage you back

Thats all for now, I know some of these are not possible right now. Some of these suggestions are long term


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