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xxxx's suggestions

Post by xxxxx on Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:24 am

Here is my list of suggestions of what ive noticed in game. hope these help! Very Happy

1) so my first one, i already told Adam, a recruitment system
2) second id say fix the bug of the xp of the stat to be under the hovering mouse instead of it progressively going to the right as you go down the stats
3) I second a prestige system, a reward of like 100 torva points or something every prestige or something like that would be cool
4) also on the torva point system, so people who are maxed combat, maybe getting points for every x amount of kills or something, like 100 regular monsters and 10 boss monsters give like 25 points or something.
5) being able to press tab to reply on a pm is really nice along with spacebar when continueing a convo with a npc
6)nurfing prayer would be nice because d bones are known to be a good money making method, but when it only takes 130 d bones for 99, its seems way too quick
7) a minigame where u dont need 15 players to join would be cool, i always enjoyed a custom minigame of zombies or anything would be cool ( i have one that i think would be cool if u need ideas)
Cool i really enjoy boss pets in game as its pretty cool having a mini boss follow you. so implementing boss pets
9) nurf skills: fming, wcing, cooking, prayer, and slayer... were too easy in my opinion to get 99 especially fm
10) explain dungeoneering and how it works on the server would be nice, i am in the process of making a guide, just need to figure out how to do the last level
10) some pms dont go through and tend to leave people hanging.
11) revamp all the skills so they seem worth doing and are realistic and tough to achieve but not too hard, ya know?

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