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Post by Fatalsalmon on Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:00 am

This update includes the following; in-game voting, New shops location, moved rune-crafting location, added a skillers shop, rare drop announcments, new items to crystal chest/removed items

How do I vote?
to vote you simple type ::vote
[Update] 0.2.2 Screen19

What are my rewards for voting?
well first off you help the server grow so much by simply voting, but we all know rewards are nice. Currently the rewards change from week to week, this weeks reward is 3 crystal keys!
[Update] 0.2.2 Screen20

About hard

How can I get here?: Simply type ::hard and it will teleport you there!
[Update] 0.2.2 Screen12

What are some of the rewards "drops"?: Ok here is the thing about the drops, 24/7 will be barrows for rares, however every week the ultimate rare will change week to week. Example, this week is ZGS! I will have voting up for players to vote for the next item!
[Update] 0.2.2 Screen14

Are these NPC's hard to fight?: At the current moment you will have to pray Anti melee or you WILL DIE FAST, they have 2 hp bars but pot up and you'll be fine!
[Update] 0.2.2 Screen13

I wanted to free up the home so I moved all the shops and moved some of the npc's around

[Update] 0.2.2 Screen15

[Update] 0.2.2 Screen18

Rune-crafting mage, now is at skills teleport
[Update] 0.2.2 Screen16

I've added a new shop for Skillers and everyone that wishes to purchase the items.
items can and will be changed according to player demand!

[Update] 0.2.2 Screen17

[Update] 0.2.2 Screen11

Rare item announcement added!
[Update] 0.2.2 Screen21


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